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Jan. 30th, 2006 @ 01:42 pm ...hail satan
descriptor: bitchybitchy
12:28 PM - this is the new shit...[giger alien; serpent arm]
Current mood: heehee - morning star

I'm fine - just sucks to lose a friend, a model, and $100.

No insult intended. Ashton doesn't need self reflective misinterpreted shit thrown in his direction - Ashton needs to maintain clarity and focus. I'm past this point.

I wish you clarity, focus, and good luck on whatever path you want to go along. Whatever. It's not mine. I don't really care.

Ah, well.

Sending off my application to the ToS today, after I make a copy of my ID. I'll feel better once that's done. After the E, past few day have been weird. But it's over, too. I like having little experiences and letting them go when they're done instead of dwelling on them. This make me an inconstant person. Which is fine with me. I'm not responsible for anyone but myself.

Once you entirely lose the fear of death, it really doesn't matter. Looking forward to the Rite of Lilith - whenever that happens. Rolling was fun, now it's over. Hope I can do it again with other friends at some point.

Still waiting...

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11:00 AM - nothing
Current mood: war

we live in delusions

confusion - contusion

make something of what is nothing - make nothing of what is something

I fear misinterpretation from magicians and stars.

[you are not what you thinik you are - you are not what you think you are]

and frankly - I'm just tired.

I love it when people gang up to insult me. Guess I'm gonna have to redo the Lust and Prince of Wands cards. Anyone up for it?

[oh, and I'm not a masochist, sweetie - I'm a sadist. so watch your backs you two timing whores.]

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10:56 AM - I just lost a friend
Current mood: whatever.

who owed me a hundred bucks.

Right - whatever dude. I dunno what the hell is affecting your head space, but it's not surprising. Thanks for being there when I needed you - now go rot in hell.



Fuck the lies, we end up on opposite sides.

I already knew this was going to happen, but it still makes me sad. I'm still older, and I'm still stronger. Have a nice life, bitch.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

6:34 AM - chillin

did E tonight - best drug ever - great space for the rave. The initial puking wasn't very pleasant, though... haven't done it since I've been 15.
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