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black kohl flame; silver serpent
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Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter; & destroy them utterly. Swift as a trodden serpent turn and strike! Be thou deadlier than he! Drag down their souls to awful torment: laugh at their fear: spit upon them! -LIBER AL vel LEGIS

Try to live your life, all of it, otherwise your subconscious will do it for you.
Apart from all possible ideologies and religions, cultivate your awareness: I see no other meaning for "spiritual evolution".

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∞ serpent.

click the heart to make a donation. I be poor.

oh yeah, and my real b-day is in 1983 on a different month and day... for those damn communities who wanna be certain I'm over 18 or 21. I am. I'm a raging 23 years old. fnord.